turn off the audio, and put on your own song.

i recommend the new flying lotus LP. so nice these days.

"I think that things started opening up for me because I tried to do ‘me’. I tried to do me at first, but I was trying to do me in a way that I thought people wanted to hear it, and not necessarily people in general, but the people who pull the strings in [the industry]. I was trying to make something for them to try and get accepted into this thing. It doesn’t work like that. Once you present yourself that way then that’s what you are and that is what you’ll make. I got frustrated and a little jaded at a point. Once I had reached that level I kind of got like: ”You know what? I am stopping this verse right here, I want to hear Willy Wonka talking right here on this record.” When I started just doing it that way and being that way in my behaviour too: ”Fuck it, if that thing never happens for me, then I’m going to be pleased with what I do. And the people that do hear it will connect with it, and we will connect, and that’s cool.” Once I got to that kind of mind, that’s when all the lucky coins from the sky started happening."

—Jer’i Allah

alternate film poster


KANYE WEST @ Urban Music Seminar 2004 UK

fuck a doubt

dont apologise

yes please

we were promised peace



bar harbor?

this one i felt in my bones.

thanks for listening, and even more thanks if you share this.

i put five fire rap tracks out earlier this week.

this is the rock i was born to.